Matahari Studs

snopride wurthy adversary – “balboa”

Free Clipart Screened August 12th, 2010 – Result: HCM ‘Normal’ – Healthy Heart Free Clipart

This boy is full of Wurthy type… but has a beautifully rosetted and contrasted coat as well! Some of Balboa’s best attributes are his small rounded ears, perfectly straight profile, strong chin and his deep brown ALC eyes! He is personality plus, with a thick muscular body… and consistently produces healthy, typey, gorgeous rosetted babies.

  • Awagati Leadbelli
  • Stonehenge JaRule
  • Millwood Crystaline
  • IS SGC Stonehenge Wurththawate of Snopride
  • Jumanji Circuit Breaker
  • Jumanji Exzotica
  • Joykatz Tiarra of Jumanji
  • RW SGC Joykatz Ace Inda Hole
  • SGC Beachbengals Wildcard of Snopride
  • Oceanwoods Mimi of Beachbengals
  • Snopride Legacy Lady
  • TGC Nola Voodoo Magic of Junglebook
  • TGC Junglebook Yoshi of Snopride
  • Junglebook Graphic Imprint

Cats with this symbol have been screened for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) by an ACVIM Board-certified Vet specializing in Cardiology –

And have further been confirmed HCM negative upon date of testing noted.