What is “Matahari” ?

The name ‘Matahari’ comes from the Bahasa Indonesian language; and translates roughly to mean ‘sunshine’ in the English language. Broken down further, the words ‘mata’ and ‘hari’ would translate into the English words ‘eye’ and ‘day’, respectively. So where the phrase ‘eye of the day’ might normally be in reference to the ‘sun’… at Matahari Bengals ‘sunshine’ or the ‘eye of the day’ is in reference to the joy Bengal’s bring us on a daily basis!

Matahari Bengal Cattery ~

Matahari cattery has relocated from the Columbia River Basin area of the Pacific Northwest, to Pleasant Valley, Oregon. We are now located just 25 miles Southeast of downtown Portland, Oregon, in the lovely city of Damascus. As we enjoy spending time with each and every one of our Bengal cats and kittens, we choose to exist as a smaller type cattery… this means that all kittens are raised as part of the family, and receive daily socialization and attention.

At Matahari, we make every effort to work with only top quality kittens and cats from the best Bengal bloodlines and catteries. In both our silver and brown breeding programs, we not only breed for health and vigor, but strive to select for, and produce, kittens which conform closely to the TICA (The International Cat Association) Bengal breed standard. The philosophy of our cattery is ‘quality in everything we do.’ This starts with an initial selection of show quality breeding cats from responsible, well-known catteries, and filters all the way down to the feeding of premium foods, and optimal care of our breeders. Add a positive, clean environment where all cats and kittens can live and grow with the excellent foundation provided them, and a prospective forever home becomes the only thing important left to consider.

At Matahari, we put a lot of time and energy into our breeding program, so we want to make sure that all Bengal cats and kittens will be well taken care of in their new homes. This means that all prospective buyers will be screened for a good fit… and of course we are always more than happy to answer any questions about Bengal cat care and/or needs, now and in the future.